VVV Season 1 starts on October 23th!

In a week, the first season will begin on our platform and will last until January 22, 2024.

With the start of the season, there will be huge changes on the platform! Here are some of them.

Leaderboards: Weekly and Season
Subscriptions: VVV Pass and VVV Season Pass
Rating and calibration
Season Events
Season Achievements
New games
With the start of the season, all tournaments on the platform will be divided by type of entry ticket:
  1. Tournaments with an entry fee in V-cash
  2. Free tournaments (sponsored and freerolls)
  3. Tournaments for subscribers
In tournaments with an entry fee in V-cash, you only need to pay for your participation. At the end of the tournament, prizes will be added to the winners’ balance instantly.
Participation in sponsored tournaments and freerolls is available and free to all users on the platform, unless otherwise specified by the tournament sponsor. But if places are limited, VVV Pass (or VVV Season Pass) holders will have priority to register.
In tournaments for subscribers, players will be able to win coins 🪙, cups 🏆 and V-cash.
Leaderboards: Weekly and Season
Cups (🏆) are leaderboard points.
leaderboard place
In the top navigation menu on the site, next to the “Leaderboard” button, you will always see two numbers: the first is the cups received for the current week, the second is for the season.
At the end of each week, all cup holders will receive V-cash on their balance. The more cups - the greater the prize. The players who have the most cups at the end of the week will receive an additional payment!
Also, all cups earned are taken into account in the season results. At the end of the season (January 22, 2024), the winners of the most cups, the highest rated players in each discipline, as well as the winners in various other categories (which we will announce later) will receive big prizes! Among them: V-cash, devices from partner stores, invitations to the VVV office, sponsorship offers and much more! Follow the news!
Cups 🏆, earned in any game, are recorded in the leaderboard! That means you can get to the top by playing one or any other number of disciplines on the platform.
Subscriptions: VVV Pass and VVV Season Pass.
To participate in most tournaments on the platform, you need a subscription. From October 16, there will be two types of subscription:
  1. 5 EUR Monthly subscription (with a trial period of 7 days)
  2. 15 EUR Season pass (valid until the end of the season)
More information in our store.
If you encounter problems with payment, please contact support on Telegram @VVVSupport_bot or by email: [email protected]
before the start of the season (October 16), there will be an additional 5% discount on subscriptions! At the start of the season, all previous subscriptions will automatically expire, and players’ with active subscription will get money back for the remaining days.
Rating and calibration
We want the tournaments at VVV to be as interesting and exciting as possible for you and to give you the most positive impressions of your favorite games. This is only possible in conditions of equal and fair play.
Before the start of the season, the VVV game rating (excluded chess) of all users on the platform will be reset to the base value (1000 points) and recalculated after a calibration of 10 tournaments played.
Season events
Throughout the season, each game will host one or more special events on the platform. These could be tournaments for subscribers with instant V-cash payments, unique mechanics, invited famous players or streamers, and others.
The first such event at the end of October will be Fortnite tournaments, where Daniil “Putrick” Abdrakhmanov, the winner (1st place) of the CPH Lan tournament, held under the auspices of Epic Games and with a prize pool of $613,000, will take part.
Will any VVV players be able to defeat the champion and claim a special reward? Or will he play with him on the same team in Duo mode? We'll find out very soon! Follow the news.
season events
Season achievements
Complete various tasks during the season, earn new achievements, and receive a prize for each of them!
New games
With the start of each season, new games will be added to VVV, which will immediately be included in both the weekly and season leaderboards.
What then?
At the end of the season there will be a short break, and then it will be the new VVV Season 2, which will contain even more interesting things!