Order Halva card and take part in unique Pubg Mobile and Lichess tournaments with the prize pool
2000 €
Register on the platform vvvgamers.com
Participate in tournaments with cash prizes
Order the card  Halva
Tournament is available only for card holders  with the 2,000 € prize pool
Register in the tournaments «Halva Game Days» 
Enter PUBG Mobile tournament, registration is open until 20.11
What does having a Halva give you
Access to Halva Game Days tournaments with cash prizes, totally free
Opportunity to pay entry fees in 10 months installments
Get up to 10% discounts with subscription "Halva.Desyatka"
Make purchases in 240 000 stores and pay with 18 months installments
Claim exclusive offers
What is the use of the Halva Card?
Use your Halva to participate in exclusive tournaments with massive prize pools.
What are my advantages as of a card holder?
Halva card not only gives access to Halva Game Days tournaments, but also grants additional options, such as paying for vvvgamers.com shop products in installments.
What are my benefits as of a card holder?
You get access to tournaments with the prize pool of 200.000 euro absolutely for free. No limits!
What name should I input linking Halva?
Linking the Halva - input "Halva Card" in the "name" field.
Join "Halva Game Days" tournaments with the prize pool of 200.000 euro
2000 €