Biggest release on VVV!


Welcome to the updated VVV! In the coming days of spring you will enjoy numerous improvements and fixes. Here are a few of them:


New subscriptions

Regular or recreational player? Prefer fast tournaments or huge multistage ones? Want to stand out from the crowd?

  • 9 types of subscriptions for all types of players. Pick the best option for you
  • New tournament grid for freerolls
  • The more stars - the more freerolls and cash prizes
  • Regular and animated avatars for your profile
  • Achievements
  • Special tournaments for huge numbers of players and increased prize pools
  • Coins are now an option to purchase subscription
  • Huge discounts on the first weeks of the subscription release

Coins (VVV currency)

  • Win coins in the updated tournament grid
  • Earn coins completing offers and rewarded surveys
  • Spend coins to boost your status on VVV! (Or keep saving for the phone)

Freerolls where everyone wins

Yes, you read that properly! Some freerolls have 100% of winners. Want to chill out and not to worry if you get a prize? Such tournaments are perfect for you!


Huge weekly tournament

Every week all players with the special status will be offered multistage tournaments on all the games present on VVV! Prize is at least 500 V-Cash!