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Tournament canceled

Solo € : Arcade Top 40%#266600



28Free slots


Game mode
All weapons
Third person view

Tournament rewards

Insufficient number of participants for determining rewards for places


    Strictly forbidden:

  • You can't leave the area on the first circle (arcade only)
  • teaming in the game
  • lobby data transfer to third parties
  • use of bugs(errors in the program and game system)
  • using third party software
  • game on emulator
  • entrance to the lobby without registration
  • Violation of any of the rules will result in account blocking on the platform.
    • Requirements:

    • do not forget to update the maps, also the game version to the latest
    • keep a record of the last 3 tournaments. Provide at the request of the administration
    • When changing your in-game nickname, be sure to change it on the site
      • Important:

      • You can leave the tournament and return your entry ticket no later than 15 minutes before the start
      • If you stop participating in the tournament during the game, the entrance ticket will not be returned
      • If you are unable to enter the lobby through no fault of ours, the entrance ticket will not be refunded
      • Tournament moderation takes 10 minutes